Right, two days behind now. Oh, well. Sorry.

Two days ago, we drove from Lake Isabella, CA, to Groveland, CA. Through some absolutely gorgeous country, and over some steep mountains. We stopped at a cheese factory (near Bakersfield, I think) that had a lot of little (WAY over-priced) shops around it. That was kind of neat, and a lot of the free cheese samples were delicious! No key chains for the place though; I was rather disappointed. 😉

Lake Isabella shortly after sunrise.

Kern River, maybe? or perhaps it was Yosemite River? Not sure, but whatever it was, it was beautiful!

Bakersfield orchard! Lovely country.

Hmmm… 😉

True, very true.

There’s day 6  for ya’. I now have to go through a ton of Yosemite pictures to find the best and blog about day 7…

Oddest Thing Spotted: I can’t think of anything too strange that we saw… Well, those stores in Bakersfield (at least,  I think they were in Bakersfield…) had a lot of weird things. I can’t choose one in particular though.

Daddy’s Facebook status: CA Gas Prices – Staggering