WARNING! Long post with LOTS of pictures! Don’t worry, the post for today will be much shorter, so just stick with me! 🙂

Yes, yes, I know. I’m late. Sorry, but yesterday was a big day, and I was too exhausted to blog last night.  Not a good excuse perhaps, but it’s the only one I’ve got.

We pulled out of Grants, New Mexico around 6:15am. Because it was such a big day, I don’t remember if we stopped for fuel in the morning… The first stop I do remember was at Painted Desert/Petrified Forest National Park. It was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! (And I got 2 key chains there!) 😉

After a few hours, we made it to the Grand Canyon! Breathtakingly stunning! I can’t describe how gorgeous it was! There I picked up a key chain (after kicking myself for 7 years for not getting one there last trip we made, it sure is good to finally have one!), a necklace (for $5, it seemed like a good idea.), a post card, and a hoodie (FINALLY! And it was even on sale!).

Oh, Luke’s been enjoying the Junior Ranger programs at these places. Because of that we had to stay longer than we had originally planned at the Grand Canyon. Luke had to attend a ranger program to get his badge for completeing the Grand Canyon Junior Ranger activities, and, because we got there so late,  the only one he could attend was the sunset program.. So, we ended up staying in the park last night. That makes today’s trek a bit longer. I believe our destination is the Sequoya National Forest, though we won’t be staying there. We’ll find a KOA, or a good campground, for tonight’s stay.

Enough talk, here’s the pictures (we took something like 600 pictures – just yesterday! So, be thankful! You’re not even seeing half!):

Some of the amazing country we drove through yesterday.


The Painted Desert/Petrified Forest

Notice the petrified logs in front of the painted hills.

Petrified log.

The painted desert occasionally reminded me of Tat00ine.


Is this the only place where this would actually be a fairly interesting picture?

Quite a vista.

The pictures just don’t do it justice!

Yes, Daddy expertly drove the RV through that narrow, winding road.

Big petrified logs.

This was in the Rainbow Forest Museum. That was one big lizard.

Possibly my favorite picture from the day.

Big logs… er, rocks… sort of.

“Old Faithful.” One majorly big petrified tree!


Okay, done with the Petrified Forest pictures. Here are a few from the drive to the Grand Canyon.

What would Tim Hawkins think about this place?

Mountains! Snow!

The Little Colorado River Gorge.

Seemed rather big to me.

At the Grand Canyon!!!

Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

The Watchtower at the Grand Canyon.

Sunset at the Grand Canyon ranger program. It was cold and windy, but beautiful!

This one’s a close second (favorite picture).

I wish I could give y’all a good sense of the beauty and immensity of everything out here (that’s what I’m unsuccessfully trying to do with all the pictures)! I love it, but I couldn’t help comparing it to my own Tennessee. It’s definitely lacking, if you look at it as a possible settling down place (which we aren’t, but it’s an exercise I often go through for my own benefit.). Tennessee is where my heart is, but it’s wonderful to get out of it for a while, even if “only” to be able to better appreciate what we have!

Key chains!!! 😀

Oddest Thing Spotted: Really there wasn’t anything too out of the ordinary. I suppose I’ll have to put all the foreigners at the Grand Canyon. Besides ourselves, there were not very many native English speakers there! Of course, I could put those of us who attended the Sunset Program down too. You can always tell the people who aren’t from around here, can’t you? Because Arizona doesn’t do daylight savings, we really had no idea what time it was. This was made worse by crossing time zones as quickly as we are. Yes, there’s a rather funny story here, but that’s for later.

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