We left the Elk City, OK KOA bright and early this morning (6:35), and went straight though northern Texas without stopping, except once to get fuel at Shamrock (We even had breakfast on the road!). I think that’s pretty good for 9 people! During the ride from Elk City to Albuquerque, I did more sewing, and we played more games, and more naps and pictures were taken, and the wind picked up. A lot! So, we saw lots of wind farms, particularly around Amarillo. You know, that place in that song… Neither George Strait nor Jason Aldean mention that Amarillians (?) are extremely partial to their discount tires and doughnuts! I saw MORE discount tire stores… Anyway, once we got to Albuquerque, we met up with Mama’s cousin (which makes her my… first cousin once removed?), and hiked some of the Petroglyph National Monument. Neat place, but the visitor center didn’t have a key chain. 😦 After getting milkshakes at an Arby’s there in Albuquerque, we drove on to Grants, New Mexico. But that’s enough talk, here’s the pics.

We spotted this major  architectural feature shortly after we started…

Definitely some unusual souvenirs on the back of that RV!

Amarillo! The Big Texan, home of the free 72 oz steak – if you eat it all!

This one and the next one are pictures of what we’re NOT doing: Feed lots. You can imagine the smell as we passed that.

Wind farm, right across from the feed lots.


More mesas

MORE mesas! Obviously a major part of the land we traversed today.

It’s kind of hard to see, but does anyone know what that bowling-pin-shaped building is? I don’t.

Life in the RV, view 7

Impressive mesa near Tucumcari.

Pretty obvious.

Right. Stay on the trial. Rattlesnakes… Okay, stay on the trail!


More petroglyphs.

On the trail to the top.

View looking down from the top of the mesa. T’was impressive!

Somewhere along the trail to the top. Yep, it was pretty high.

On the top. Well, some of us anyway.

Another view from the top, looking across this time.

T’was windy, too! (Yes, I hiked up in my flip-flops, and yes, I’ve already made a mental note not to do that again.) 🙂

Looking out from the top across Albuquerque.

Granddaddy, on the top.

Heading back down.

My favorite petroglyph from the day.

At what point do mesas become mountains?

I may not have found a key chain at the Petroglyph National Monument visitor center, but I DID find one at the KOA store here at Grants/Cibola Sands. Unfortunately, I again only have a really bad picture:

Oddest Thing Spotted: I think I have to put the water tower that was leaning so much that two of the four feet/legs/main supports were out of the ground!

Daddy’s Facebook status:

Day 3 – Daily Score

Disasters: 0
Wal-Mart Trips: 0
Campground: Grants, AZ KOA – 2.5
RV MPG: 7.3 reflecting faster speeds and Ethanol.
Daily Hebel: High Winds. Lots of climbing (+4500′). Looking good. Must learn to keep mouth shut.
Good night, y’all! This post has taken me far too long to complete this evening, but complete it now is!