We didn’t have too long in the RV today, but boy! I sure am glad to be out of Arkansas! Those roads!!! Some of the Oklahoma roads haven’t been great either, though. We were actually able to pull out by 8:00am! Around 11:30, we stopped at a nice rest area and had devotions. Kyle and I fixed lunch (ham sandwiches) for everyone around noon; we also mixed up some homemade cream soda for everyone who wanted it! After lunch we watched the rest of “The Incredibles” and an episode of “Daniel Boone.” Around 4:00pm, we stopped in Clinton, Oklahoma to visit the Route 66 Museum. Kind of an interesting stop. Cheap! and I got another key chain!!! 😀 Our destination for the night was just a very few minutes down the road from the museum, so Claire, Luke, and I were swimming before 6:00pm! But all that’s talk; I know y’all probably want to see pictures (I would!).

This was at the rest area where we had devotions.

Life in the RV, view 4

Life in the RV, view 5. Fixin’ lunch.

Life in the RV, view 6. Okay, enough pictures of boring us inside the RV.

Us kids in front of one of the many signs in the Route 66 Museum. Even with just four of us it’s extremely difficult to get a good picture. 😛

I don’t know about y’all, but I LOVE the ’50s! This was my favorite part of the museum. Of course, I had to sit in front of the plate that had what looked uncannily like Krispy Kreme doughnuts! Thank you, Stouffers! You have NO idea how much I have been craving those baby angels since watching Tim Hawkins with y’all!

I loved this sign!

The ’60s room, black lights, Beetles, and psychedelic colors. Note the skull hanging on the wall.

The ’70s room. “Welcome to the Hotel California…” Grrrr… been stuck in my head all day since then!!!

Pretty neat stop for something cheap and quick.

Oklahoma from the window of the RV.


AND a really bad picture of the key chain I got at the museum today. Our camera decided to take only blurry pictures when I attempted on this evening. 😛

Oddest Thing Spotted: Probably the skull on the wall in the ’60s room. It had little colored dots all over it… very strange.

As far as I know, Daddy hasn’t posted a Facebook status today, so I can’t include that. However, the AC hasn’t dripped on us today!!! YAY! There have been other problems, I think, but I’m not sure what they are/were exactly.

Everything has been great so far, but I sure have missed my church family today. It’s been a very odd Lord’s Day!