Shall I give you a taste of what our first full-ish day on the road was like? I’ve got to take advantage of free (and FAST!!!) wi-fi. 😀

Life in the RV, view 1.

Lunch (grilled chicken salad, pringles<3, and sugar cookies!) at a rest area somewhere shortly after we crossed over into Arkansas.

Sewing… You’ll have to ask Mama about what I’m doing. I certainly hadn’t planned on poking my fingers with a dull needle on vacation! 😉

Life in the RV, view 2.

Life in th RV, view 3.

At the KOA in Morrilton/Conway, Arkansas. Think he’s glad to be out???

Guess who we were thinking of when we took this picture and the next?

“Thumb Twiddler” … 😀

Some of you, or perhaps all of you, know of my key chain collection. For those of you who don’t, I collect key chains from places we stop at… anywhere. I thought that since I have a computer and a blog on this vacation I’d oblige y’all with pictures of the one’s I get, as I get them. Here’s the first one (bought cheap at the KOA here. Arkansas seems to have an obsession with pigs, or perhaps it’s hogs.)

It’s made out of some sort of foam, and definitely one of the more unique key chains I own. Something seemed right about a cheap, foam, pink, pig key chain from Arkansas. 😛

Last, but not least, I thought I’d do a daily (or whenever I’m able to post) “Oddest Thing Spotted” list.

Today’s is a tie between the pajama shorts Mama bought at one of our two Walmart stops and the 75 black motorcyclists that passed us sometime after lunch.

Also, here’s Daddy’s Facebook status for today:

“Day 1 – The Daily Score

Disasters: 0 – Yea!Wal-Mart Trips: 2Campground: Morrilton, AR KOA – I rate it a 2 on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being great.RV MPG: 8.15 – Not bad actually. I’m pleased. Daily Hebel: Bathroom leak fixed easily with washer. Front AC unit dumping condensation into RV to be investigated shortly.”

Daddy has said that he and Kyle are “cautiously optimistic” about the AC unit!!! They’ve been working on it since dinner.