Home, with 3 more hours!!!

I was given 2 hours to finish 88 questions. I easily finished answering the questions in about 45 minutes, and spent the next 10 minutes or so reviewing… all of them. As usual though, I didn’t end up changing many; not because I thought my original answers were correct, but because I was as clueless when I reviewed as when I went through them the first time. When that’s the case, I usually decide to go with my original answer, the gut-feeling. So far, it’s served me pretty well. 🙂

A passing score for this test was, I think, 48, and I somehow pulled off a 69! Honestly, I have no idea how I did that. The test was difficult; it focused a good bit more on the post-WWI artists and art movements than I was prepared for. There was very little architecture, overall anyway. Caravaggio and Velazquez showed up a good bit, as did impressionism, dadaism, abstract expressionism, and pop art. Fauvism, pointillism, and futurism showed up some. Cubism was focused on for a few questions. There was something about collage. The classical art on the test was relatively easy stuff (kouros, pantheon, parthenon). When I submitted my score, I just knew I’d failed… However, I kind of feel that way whenever I submit my score. 😛

I’m sure glad it’s over! I’m quite sick of art at this point.

To study I used THESE videos (I didn’t have time for the last one.), a word doc that’s on the IC forum thread for this test, all the posts from that same thread, and the left-over knowledge from the art I studied for Humanities. Not bad, I think, for less than a week.

Now, I’m off to sew; I want to get at least one more thing made before we leave on vacation on the 29th. Well, I’d prefer to get 2-3 things made, but with the way my sewing’s gone lately, I doubt that’ll happen.

I’m not going to be studying for 3 weeks! How will I ever manage??? Okay, so the real question is how I’ll ever get back into it when we get home! I hope to blog while we’re on vacation, but we’ll see what happens. We’re going to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, California, Yosemite, Colorado, and who knows where all! I’m beginning to get really excited about this trip; it’s only just now sinking in that we’re actually going! 😀