I now have my very own, custom, modest swim suit! I’m loathe to put a picture up, but here goes anyway:

First, what happens when you combine modesty with a long winter? Whiteness. So, just ignore that, if you will. (Could be worse! I’ve been mowing in lately, so at least my arms aren’t too bad!) The camera we have is pretty awful too, so I’m blaming a lot of the badness of this pic on that. 😛

It falls just above my knees.

Thank you SO much, Olivia, for this opportunity! I really enjoyed it, and have conquered my dread of stretchy fabrics (to some extent…)! 🙂

Of course, it wouldn’t be right to have 3 blog posts in a row without mentioning study! Quick update: I’m attempting to force a whole bunch of art, music, philosophy, and other things I have no interest in into my brain. Lord willing, I’ll take the Humanities CLEP sometime before the end of next week. Whether that means the end of this week or just sometime next week, I’m not entirely sure. Probably won’t be this week though; the next few days are somehow getting busier and busier.

Oh, I understand that Mother’s Day is this weekend, and I was told, when begging for ideas, that diet books are not appropriate gifts… 😛 Anyone have any better ideas? She said, of my back-up plan, that she doesn’t really want a box of chocolates. So, my two ideas were shot down, and I have no direction (except that she wants a bunch of stuff out of my price range: dutch ovens, large skillets, etc.).