Well, it’s been all of 5 days since I took the American literature CLEP. I reckon it’s time to start studying for the next one. Friday was a busy day preparing for a wonderful weekend away from home. We actually ended up staying through part of Monday too, so I’m just now getting around to deciding which one I “want” to take next.

*Deep breath* I think I’m going to go for Humanities. Scary, scary, scary! Having just taken the literature CLEPs, I feel like I’ve got a pretty good start in that area, but I literally have no grounding in music and art. From what I’m reading on the IC forum, lots of people have taken this with no previous knowledge and passed. (I really like those posts.) I’m going to try it in 2-3 weeks, but it all depends on how much study I’m actually able to get done in that time and how I feel about it. We’ll see, but I like having goals for myself. I think I study a little better.

To those of you who have taken this CLEP, please send me any tips you have!!! Comments or email, whatever! I’m begging for help here! Broad study isn’t my thing, I think, but I’m going to try.

Right now I’ve got 30 hours. I’ve done that in 4 months, and I’m happy. However, those were the easy ones (for me, anyway). I’m going to try to get the other 30 general education credit things by the end of the year. I’m guessing this is where it gets harder. Not as hard as when I get to the upper level CLEPs, I know, but still harder. As for the other 30 credit requirements that I’m working towards this year, I lack 6 humanities (thus the humanities CLEP), 12 social sciences (I’m thinking about the social sciences and history CLEP for half of this one), 6 science (gonna try to get away from doing biology or natural sciences, as I hear they are really hard now, so I’m looking into a couple DSSTs for these credits), and the rest are general education electives. For those, I’ll probably do some DSSTs, but I’m not thinking about those quite yet. 🙂