Here I am. It’s so rare! I am all alone in a big house that is, get this, fairly surface-clean! I mean, I wouldn’t be too terribly ashamed if someone showed up right now and looked at the house. Though, being all alone as I am, I probably wouldn’t let them in… 😛

Alone. I’m alone. What do I do when I’m alone? Well, being a fairly typical young person, I immediately put on music and turned it up louder than anyone else in the family likes it (with the possible exception of Luke). What is my next course of action? Daddy told me to get the house in show shape, so I did. I put all my clean laundry away,  finished packing for a weekend away from home, reorganized some of my sewing patterns, decluttered the living room, cleaned the kitchen, and swept the kitchen/dining room/living room. What to do now…? Ah, blog. I’ll blog about some of the thoughts I had while I worked!

So, here ’tis! The primary thoughts I had while I worked:

  • Nope, that’s Claire’s, and that, and that…
  • Are these all the patterns I have??? … … … Wait… I mean, I HAVE ALL THESE PATTERNS?!?! Could’ve sworn I had a couple more bag patterns though.
  • What do we do with these after we’ve dealt with it?
  • Man! I sure wish they wouldn’t put the old magazines/catalogs on the bookshelf!
  • Oh, PLEASE noooo. NOT Josh Groban! That’s right, thumbs down, Pandora!
  • Sure wish this headache would go away.
  • It’s so quiet! I’m actually kind of … lonely!
  • I wonder when Daddy and Luke are going to get home. I bet Daddy was drawn in by the music and stayed to enjoy a song or two.
  • Okay, how can I do this efficiently while still avoiding the use of many lights?
  • What’s that sound? … … Oh, it’s just a large helicopter going over.
  • Is this what I’ll be like as a young wife??? Will I guiltily avoid as many lights as possible and subsist on easy-clean-up-snacky things while my husband’s away??? Nah, I’ll probably make a batch of brownies. [insert sarcastic voice of my conscience] Oh, THAT’S better… [end conscience voice]
  • Being home alone is like being the star of a play. I like being a behind-the-scenes person better… I generally prefer doing things at my own pace and having no recognition of whatever it was that I did. Guess I better get used to it though. I reckon a young mother is sort of the star of the play as well.
  • Is it really necessary for me to “get used to it” right now? or EVER? Scary thought; won’t go there right now. Might get me depressed.
  • I wonder who’s done the Social Science and History CLEP… I really probably ought to look at what all that covers. I need 12 social sciences hours. Bleh.
  • Ah, Daddy and Luke are home!

Well, there you are. I’m pretty sure there were more, and each one was a bit more elaborate. That’s not a bad picture of many of the things I thought though. 🙂