It’s been rather crazy around here for about 2 weeks now. Last week we had 5 showings (our average has been about 1 showing every two to three months!), and this week we’ve been in Dickson visiting family. Tomorrow we’ll be in Franklin and then over toward Centerville for the rest of the weekend!

I spent all morning sewing a skirt. Now, before you decide that that was very poor judgement on my part with all that needs to be done in preparation for the weekend, please allow me to explain. Tomorrow morning we have an appointment with some portrait-taking place in Franklin. It’s going to be a  big family portrait while the extended family is here visiting. We decided, after long debates, to sorta kinda coordinate, going in khaki and brown. Much to my surprise, I didn’t have an appropriate khaki skirt. Well, I have a khaki skirt, but it doesn’t work with brown. It’s a weird kind of khaki that goes much better with black than brown. That being so, I had to either find a khaki skirt, make a khaki skirt, or somehow find a certain kind of brown shirt that would work with the khaki skirt I have. Tuesday afternoon, Mama, Claire, and I went to the wonderful Goodwill in Dickson (by far the best Goodwill I’ve ever been to, fyi). I did find some things, but not what I needed. After Grammy heard of my dilemma, she gave me a piece of khaki fabric she’s had for about 4 years. So, we made a quick stop at Joann’s for a zipper and thread on the way home yesterday afternoon.

Last night I cut out my skirt. I didn’t use a pattern, and tried to do it by simple calculations. This morning I began sewing it together. Instead of turning out exactly how I’d planned, it turned out… much… larger. I’m still not sure why… So I had to improvise. I pulled out a skirt pattern, drafted a couple of darts in the back, and put a couple of inverted box pleats in the front. Not quite what I’d envisioned, but, overall, I’m pleased with how it turned out. 🙂

There you have it, an overview of my week and a slightly more in-depth look at my morning. Now that y’all have seen it, y’all will understand when I say that I haven’t taken that CLEP yet. If we’re home next week, and if I am well, and… and… and… Okay, Lord willing, I will take it. This extra time has, however, allowed me to finish listening to “Great Expectations” (don’t like it, btw), and work on finishing the Barron’s Study Guide. My trivial life… I love it! 🙂