1. We stopped by Krispy Kreme again on the way home last night. The lady “went on and made it a complete dozen.” Which means that she gave us 4 free doughnuts. 😀

2. Claire’s Jersey heifer calf, Macushla, is small enough to get inside the hay ring we have in the Jerseys’ pasture. Unfortunately, she is also large enough now to get stuck in there… Ah, farm life.

3. I applied a new theme, and added a poll on my side bar. Lemme know whatcha think!

4. We watched “Night at the Museum 2” Saturday evening. I really liked it! I think it was possibly better than the first one, but, because it’s been so long since I’ve seen the first one, I can’t really say that with any certainty.

5. I feel like I’m pretty much as ready as I’m going to get for the College Mathematics CLEP. Hopefully, I’ll schedule it tomorrow for Wednesday morning. Again, your prayers would be appreciated. Along those lines, I haven’t received my transcript, or whatever it’s called, from my English Composition with Essay yet. I know it’s early still, but I am very eager to know how I did!

6. I really only did this post to push that mouth-watering post I did the other day further down. I was constantly craving doughnuts!!! … Well, even more than usual anyway. 😛

7. Here are a few pictures from our snow! Thankfully it’s melting now; I was getting tired of waking up to “a blanket of white.” Blanket? Yeah, sure. Bleh. You people who reside in the North, I feel genuinely sorry for you; I wouldn’t change places with you for… well, not anything, but it would take a LOT. 😉

Luke obviously thinks that snowball fights are really the only thing that makes going out into the freezing cold worth it.

Apparently, I’m not against a good snowball fight every now and then either. I liked how Luke and I are not even paying attention as yet another snowball flies by me.

THAT was fun!

Told ya.

Then there was the added amusement of trying to solidly hit the person riding with a large snowball. 😉

With that, I’m done. Hopefully, that’ll be the last of the snow we see. Other than watching it come down and the few hours of play what is there in it that is at all enjoyable? I, for one, am looking forward to spring, allergies and all!