Krispy Kreme. Get used to those words; if you make it through this post, you’ll be seeing them a lot!

Well, you see, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, they’re awesome, and many of the folks the franchise employs are magnificent! Yes, we had another unusually remarkable and wonderful experience with them today. In short, we got paid to eat doughnuts; I can go for that. 🙂

I don’t remember if I told y’all about our last awesome experience with them or not, but that’s for another time… Maybe.

^Oh! Isn’t that one of the loveliest sights?!^

This experience came, no doubt, at the expense of some poorly-trained soul who didn’t know that she really wasn’t supposed to give out packs of coupons to customers who were only redeeming a few coupons! Yep. With a stack of nearly-expired coupons, we drove through a Krispy Kreme store… before heading to the dentist. Uh, yeah. Anyway, the lady who handed us our free doughnuts asked if we wanted more coupons. After a slight pause, we got over our momentary astonishment and heartily replied in the affirmative. She handed us FOUR PACKS of Valentine’s Day coupons! Get that: 48 coupons!!! So, what began as an effort to use up our Christmas Krispy Kreme gift tags (exp. 1-31-10), ended up being a quest for more free doughnuts. When Mama finished up at the dentist, we drove through a different Krispy Kreme and got 5 more free doughnuts, but no more coupons. That’s okay though, we still had… ummm 45, I think. Notice I said “had,” as we were on the way home we stopped by two Krispy Kreme stores and got, in total, 10 more free doughnuts (Mama was looking ahead to breakfast tomorrow. FRIED DOUGHNUTS!!!). No more coupons, but we’ve still got 35 to use up before March 15! 😉

So, today we got 19 heavenly doughnuts and didn’t pay at cent for any of them, and we were, essentially, even paid for some of them! Now that’s what I call smart shopping! 😀

Now for all of you who are just dying to tell me what all a single Krispy Kreme doughnut has in it and all the harm that it will do me, I’ll listen, but I’m warning you, you won’t get anywhere. Sure I know they’re “little golden rings of death,” but I really don’t care. Besides, I’m convinced that hot Krispy Kreme, original glaze doughnuts will be growing on trees in Heaven, year round, if time exists there. (Please no theological debate about Heaven here! Thank you!) The doughnut trees will be right along side the bacon trees and the chocolate trees.