For the College Math CLEP. Ick.

I finally grasped the concepts of Venn diagrams, some functions, absolutes, and the lovely little bits of basic math like my little 7yo brother is doing, but I’m struggling with polynomials right now. Ugh. I SOOOOOO do not like diagrams! Math ones anyway; I actually found some of the sentence diagrams helpful occasionally.

I’m hoping to take this CLEP fairly soon, but I’m not sure how long it will take me to understand all this stuff. I’ve read on the InstantCert forum that IC really over-prepares you for this math test, and I sincerely hope that’s true. I have my doubts though, but I suppose it’s not a bad thing to learn about anyway.

Okay. Done complaining! Since I’m going to be using the computer extensively during this period in my life, I now have my very own laptop! I asked Daddy to find a good one for me since I know next to nothing about that world. It arrived yesterday, and, so far, I am very pleased with it! 😀

Life aside from CLEP prep? Uh, my chores need to be done; I’m hoping to catch up on those next week. Well, you see, it was like this… I… never mind. Right, well, I’m trying to immerse myself in math this week, remembering a lot of what I’ve forgotten over the past four or five… or six years, so that next week I won’t have to work so hard at the studying. That’s the plan anyway; don’t know if it’ll work. Theoretically, I should have plenty of time for all my chores next week. Go on. You have my permission to laugh.

I also have a dress cut out that I’d like to have made before the end of the season, but I’m not seeing that happen. I’m sure everything will eventually level out, and life will go on as mundane and normal as it usually does. Every new thing takes some getting used to. Which leads rather nicely into the  only other bit of news I have: Clarabelle’s dried off, and before too long we’re going to take her to a nearby farm where she will, hopefully, get bred. That means that we have the next several months to travel, overnight, whenever we want to, and without having to tote the cow with us! We can even do spur-of-the-moment trips without someone having to stay home, or spend a long day in Nashville without having to rush home! It’s pretty cool. I’m hoping we’ll do at least a little travelling before the end of this sabbatical; that’s one thing about our suburban life I miss. We used to go on some sort of vacation, large or small, every single summer, and it was totally awesome! That’s actually kind of how we met the Lingos, but that’s a long story which I shan’t go into just now. 🙂