I have the best parents! I really do! Daddy took me to the All for the Hall concert last night as a birthday present! It was my first real big concert, and it was totally awesome! We left home around 2:00pm. We had several stops to make before we grabbed dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen, including a quick stop at Russell Stovers for a delicious coffee ice cream milk shake!

Around 5:45pm we headed for the Sommet Center. We wanted to be there in plenty of time to find our seats, and possibly even a good parking spot! Daddy paid for a good parking spot. He rightly figured that the less walking I had to do the better. Told you I have the best parents. Anyway, we found our seats about an hour before the concert started. Daddy texted “Freebird!” to the screen while we waited, but we never saw it go across. He also gave bunny ears to one of the girls sitting in front of us when she and her friend were taking a picture. 😛

We only had a cell phone for pictures, so ours aren’t too good, but here are some pictures from WSIX’s website.


The screen! Daddy got numerous love notes up there; a few examples being “Kayla ❤ Keith!!?” [yes, the question mark is intentional. Seemed like everytime there were exclamation points they’d end them with a question mark…], “Keith is KING!” etc. He got a bit disturbed however, when one was from a Paul or Sean or somebody like that. A guy named Jason, and a Taylor person also got a lot… 😛


The hosts: Vince Gill and Keith Urban!


One thing I never expected: Keith Urban performing “Coat of Many Colors.” It would’ve made sense had Dolly Parton walked on stage in the middle of the song, but nope. It was just him, and it was kinda strange.


True guitar heroes: Keith Urban and Brad Paisley!


Legends! They. Were. AMAZING! Brad Paisley didn’t play enough though. He and Keith Urban did “Start a Band” and an instrumental, but that’s all. :\


Little Big Town!


Dierks Bentley! He didn’t stand still once during his performance!


Lady Antebellum! They were good, but about halfway through their performance something happened to Hillary Scott’s mic. Couldn’t hear her very well over everything else.


Jason Aldean!!! He did “Big Green Tractor” and “She’s Country”! Everybody loved him! Aside from Keith Urban, he was probably the most popular artist of the night. Taylor Swift might have beat him… but not by much.


Faith Hill did a couple of songs with Vince Gill.


She seemed out of place to me. She looked much more like she was going in for an interview than up on stage for a country concert, and she was… well, old. 😛


The queen of sparkle herself, Miss Taylor Swift! She shined… literally. Okay, so I’m not a big Taylor Swift fan. She did “Fifteen” and “Love Story”. The latter being definitely the better performance of the two.


She signed her guitar after performing, and gave it to the Hall of Fame to auction off.


At the end of the concert, they all came back on stage and did “Lay Down Sally.”


And to end it, here’s a shot of Hillary Scott holding a dog during “Lay Down Sally.” Looks like someone just ran back and told her “Everyone’s getting back on stage one last time! Come on!” and she forgot to put the dog down…