We FINALLY emptied the camera! I can now give y’all something to look at, not just hear about!

2009-08-06 037

Claire playing at the Smithville Fiddler’s Jamboree, which I wrote a little about HERE.

2009-08-06 066


2009-08-06 074

We roasted marshmallows and ate dinner (yeah! In that order!) out behind the smokehouse one evening a few weeks ago. It was a VERY pleasant way to end a long day. You can see our amazing marshmallow roasters! Daddy rigged ’em up, so we didn’t have to get closer to the fire than we wanted to. 🙂

2009-08-06 078

Luke enjoyed himself immensely, I think.

2009-08-06 092

Claire’s starting to teach Luke some fiddlin’.

The next few are from the Daniel Brantley Foundation fundraiser, which I blogged about HERE.

2009-08-06 108

Mr. Brantley welcoming everyone, I reckon.

2009-08-06 113

Friends, singin’ and playin’.

2009-08-06 127

Ditto. Notice the black tape aroung the bass player’s plucking finger. I think I’m going to start implementing that in my bass playing!

2009-08-06 139

No, not dueling banjos… TWIN banjos! Very cool!

2009-08-06 151

Twin fiddles, a bit more common.

2009-08-06 179

The man in the orange pants is the best “auctioneer” of all time! He’s always hilarious, and never up to any good! We laughed SO hard that night because of him! 😀

2009-08-06 190

DAILEY AND VINCENT!!! What an awesome night!

Last week we went on a field trip. We ate our lunch at *whispers* Tinkerbell Park *end whispers*. Yeah, I know. Anyway, Luke had a blast!

2009-08-06 224

2009-08-06 226

Okay, so Claire and I did too… until it stopped and our stomachs had to catch up anyway. 😛

2009-08-06 238

Ah. Brothers…

2009-08-06 240

But then it gets REALLY funny! Kyle’s like “Uhhh… I’m not so sure about this… Y’all were right, this ‘tire’ is hard… Do you think I’ll be able to get out of here???” LOL!

2009-08-06 245

What’d I tell you? It only got better!

2009-08-06 248

Told you. 😀

2009-08-06 255

After prying Kyle out of the yellow “tire” swing, Luke found a zip line thing.

2009-08-06 257

Here Luke tries to “help” Kyle by attempting to lift him by his back belt loops.

2009-08-06 259

Guess it worked! 😉

2009-08-06 261

Claire’s turn!

2009-08-06 262

I chose not to do it. Perhaps I was still trying to recover from the swing… that would explain my expression somewhat.

2009-08-06 264

After lunch we met up with a bunch of… random folks… at… an undisclosed location. I have more pictures, but have been sworn to secrecy on the subject. 😛

To finish this post I’ll introduce you to the newest member of Allelon Farm, and show you the main points of interest in our garden.

2009-08-06 302

This is Macushla, which means darling or little darling in Irish, I think. The cow in Christmas in Connecticut is named Macushla. Anyway, Claire bought this little Jersey heifer Tuesday afternoon. She’s a nice little thing, from what I can tell. Pretty anyhow.

2009-08-06 295

2009-08-06 301

Look! A couple of our apple trees actually have apples on them! What a pleasant surprise! 🙂

2009-08-06 308

Our devastated corn. We didn’t get anything from it this year. 😥

2009-08-06 309

Johnson grass and squash bugs got our cucumbers. All that grass wasn’t there last week, I swear.

~~ WARNING: Stop reading now if you do not want to see a big spider! ~~

2009-08-06 303

Looks perfectly fine from there, doesn’t it?

2009-08-06 304

This is the zipper spider I alluded to in my last post.

2009-08-06 305

Needless to say, we don’t pick the beans quite as thoroughly around him as we do in the other places.

2009-08-06 306

Well, I need to go scrounge up something for dinner. Hope y’all enjoyed seeing some pictures at last!