*Sigh* Yes, so far our garden has been very disappointing this year, and I don’t know why! 😦

I have no pictures or I would show you the devastated corn. We are attributing that work of evil to coons. I would also reveal our lovely green bean vines! No really, they are lovely. Unfortunately it is the vines themselves that are the lovely part, not the blooms or beans. I managed to harvest maybe three yellow squash before the squash bugs once more triumphed. One of our five surviving cucumber plants succumbed to either the squash bugs or the heat the other day. I actually got four cucumbers (I think) off that plant before it withered away. In the midst of knee-high weeds and left-over broccoli plants I found three surviving, tiny pepper plants, two cayenne and one jalapeno, I think. I harvested the peppers that were on the plants a bit early for fear of the plants being completely eaten by potato bugs or Japanese beetles. Our pepper harvest for this year has been, thus far, two jalapenos and one cayenne… pathetic, I know. The onions are also surrounded by knee- to waist-high weeds! I think they are doing okay though, if you can find them!!! One consolation is that all the tomato plants seem to be doing well. Oh, the butter beans also seem to be fine.

Well, enough complaining! We’ll keep an eye on things, and perhaps it will improve somewhat. I’d be much more willing to weed the garden if only one of our main weeds wasn’t deadnettle!!! The thorns from that thing will stay in your hand for weeks after you pull it up! Even if you use gloves!!!

Wait, I just said enough complaining, didn’t I? Okay, I better get off the topic of gardens…Thinking…

Uh… The weather has been truly gorgeous lately! We’ve even had a bit of much-needed rain here and there!

Ah! I haven’t yet mentioned the delightful visit we had with the Fish family! They were only at our place a very short time, but we enjoyed every single minute… even the minutes we spent washing the porch fans! At least, I enjoyed it!

The day after the Fishes left us, we went to Smithville for the Fiddler’s Jamboree. Claire was competing! Unfortunately she didn’t place, but she did great! It was SO hot there! As soon as we heard the results from the last competition Claire was in, we packed everything up, and headed back home. On the way there, Daddy suddenly decided to go to Coble!!! Thank you, Chris! We loaded up the cow, packed our clothes (and various other paraphernalia), and pulled out the drive 45 minutes after we got home! I think we set a new record! We had such a delightful weekend spent in close community with our church family! That mini-vacation was extremely good for our family’s morale.

Well, it’s time for family worship! It’s possible that I might post again sometime semi-soon. You never can tell! 🙂