Complete craziness! That pretty much sums up life right now. We’re trying to get the house in shape to show and sell (say THAT ten times fast!), so we’re ridiculously busy going through things, eliminating/packing/cleaning. There’s a “city-wide” yard sale in Viola next Saturday that we’ll be participating in for sure! We’ll take our 20′ trailer to town next week; it’s already almost completely full, and that’s just from this week! Mama started going through the attic today… We have a big attic. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. 😉

We kids have also been preparing for a couple of performances at Granddaddy’s church, Centertown United Methodist Church. One was this past Sunday; we did an HOUR-LONG performance! Our awesome church family came 2.5 hours to watch us play! The other one is coming up this Monday evening, but we only need to do a half-hour for that one, and we’ll be redoing some of the songs from the previous performance.

2009-05-19 029Granddaddy

2009-05-19 030Claire, Kyle, and I

2009-05-19 033Claire (enjoying the really nice piano) and Luke singing “Search Me, Oh God.”

That’s all the update I have time to give right now. Not too long, pictures included; this is a new record for me!