I just finished downloading the pictures from the past month or so. I think I’ll just post select pictures and add a few captions instead of telling about everything that has gone on lately.


Several weeks ago the S. family came over to our place to help slaughter Chuck. This is the night before; the kids enjoyed watching and helping Claire and Kyle milk.


I love the expressions here! Three boys and their guns…


Three men and their knives.

Luke REALLY enjoyed the S’s visit here; he doesn’t often get to play with those his own age on his own stomping grounds!


We had our cousins over the day Luke did the Easter egg hunt. It was tons of fun!


Last week family from California flew in and stayed with us for a few days, and taught us some new games. We took them to Nashville Thursday. We ate at the Henpeck Market, stopped at Hobby Lobby, toured the Parthenon, walked though Centennial Park, drove Music Row, and snacked at Krispy Kreme.


Last weekend several men from church came and helped us get a whole lot of work done around here. Processing Chuck was just one of the many things they helped with. Thanks SO much, guys!


The Stouffer’s got to take down the very fence they put up a year or two ago!


Working the cows will be SO much easier now that we have part of the paddock area fenced off!

We are so greatful to y’all! It would be nice if we could host a couple of days of fun for once, but there’s always so much work to do!


Wednesday Daddy, Kyle, and Luke picked up our latest farm additions: 2 Jersey bull calves. One will be useful for breeding when he’s older, and the other will be turned to meat!


We’ll be bottle feeding these guys three times a day for the next few weeks.

Okay, that’s all for now.