I said I’d possibly get around to a post with pictures, here it is!


We took advantage of the beautiful weather a while back, and planted lettuce, broccoli, and cabbage.


Mr. Lovett and Caleb came here about three weeks ago (I think) and help slaughter our last angus steer. We’re gonna be cutting it up tomorrow.


Wonder what caught their attention…


This is NOT the most pleasant thing to find in your kitchen sink when you’re getting ready to fix lunch… Claire and I washed and bagged them before beginning lunch preparation. Something about having guts in the kitchen isn’t the best way to come up with menu ideas; I mean, you might do it, but… the ideas might be a little more creative than the family would care to have.


Rather more recently the family from Texas and Aunt Carol came visiting for a whole week! 🙂 We played lots of games, and rediscovered Pounce! It was great to play that again; it had been a really long time!


We introduced my cousin and Luke to Pounce, and they really took off with it!


One of two or three ways Jack spends his time at our house…


All of us kids.


Rummikub was also rediscovered, but it wasn’t quite as popular as Pounce and Forehead since only four people can play at a time.


Mama and Buddy.


One of the other two ways Jack spends his time here.


Saturday morning the Texas folks had to head home. Aunt Carol spend the rest of the day with us though! She even joined us on a visit/picnic with Granddad and the rest of our cousins! Kyle and a couple of my mischievous cousins…


Which one will you protect, Kyle? The hat or the flashlight? 😀


The Bradshaws. Thanks for taking the pictures, Aunt Carol!

That’s all for now!