First, the introduction to our church story; I’ll get around to part 1… sometime. 🙂

Have you ever realized that everyone has a church story? Anyone who has ever attended a church anyway. Some people attend the church their parents attended. Some people left church A because the music was bad, church B because the pastor shunned them, church C because the youth program was no good, and are now going to church D because Daughter 2’s boyfriend’s cousin’s family goes there. Or whatever. Our story is pretty amazing, though I’m sure it’s not terribly unusual once you get out of the mainstream.

Now for that other stuff:

I have been asked to post a picture of my latest sewing project:


Claire and I tried to get one while I was wearing it, but… they didn’t really work, for one reason or another. The only changes I made to this pattern were to raise the neck about 3 inches in front, I think, and 5 inches in back. I also added that cameo where the skirt and bodice come together in a point. That was a strangely rough spot, so the cameo hides some of it as well as making it fit a little better through the bodice. I think it adds a nice touch too; it’s amazing what a little trim will do for an outfit sometimes.

All our snow is finally gone! There were still a few small patches yesterday afternoon! The weather is absolutely beautiful. Grammy and Granddaddy went to Wal-mart this morning and got the early plants for the garden. We’re probably not going to have as extensive a garden this year, but we can hardly imagine not having one at all!

We’re going to be slaughtering another steer this weekend. I don’t believe we’ve ever done one when it’s been so pleasant outside. We generally save that business for the cold weather. Before everyone got sick, we were planning on doing one  last week when it was so cold, but when Saturday finally arrived Daddy had come down with whatever we had and felt awful. So, tomorrow we’ll be killing, skinning, gutting, and cutting in the beautiful 60* weather.

Random pic:


Caleb and Kyle are laughing; what could they be up to? Actually, I believe they were attempting to make no-bakes. Did y’all ever finish ’em? or did one of the girls come rescue you?

Don’t get me wrong, my brother is extremely competent in the kitchen… well, he seems to have a weakness for canned tuna and chicken, but I can usually overlook that.  I don’t remember how this episode ended though. 🙂