So, I thought I’d post again. I have no new recipes to share this time; just more random life things. Probably on the extreme lower end of the interesting scale. Here ‘t is anyway!

Despite having that fancy dress cut out for a couple of weeks now, I haven’t done a thing on it yet. It’s still upstairs in the guest room waiting to be ironed and marked. My only excuse is that I decided I needed another apron more than a nice dress at this point. So I cut out an apron… Saturday(?), and I worked on it pretty much all day yesterday. I only lack the hemming; I don’t like hemming. :/ Hopefully, I’ll have that done today though, and perhaps I’ll keep up my momentum and work on that dress some.

While I sewed yesterday, I discovered the awesomeness of Pandora Radio! I plugged in Josh Turner, and listened to some really good modern country for a while. Then Patsy Cline and George Jones for some great classic country, but I finally settled on Ricky Nelson for the best ’50s and early ’60s rock! Does it get any better than the classics?! I mean, c’mon! It doesn’t get any better than “Who Put the Bomp (in the Bomp Bomp Bomp)!” It’s like one of the lamest song I’ve ever heard! Totally AWESOME! 😀 If you listen to it, be sure to let it go all the way through; the lameness really comes out at the end.

Saturday morning I was recruited to help handle the cows. We recently lost one of our weaker cows, so we’ve decided it’s about time to worm them. Anyway, that’s what we attempted Valentine’s morning. We got our 5 favorite cows through, but the rest of them were led by our ultra stupid steer and super smart heifer. The steer wouldn’t even come near the food we had out! I believe steers are worst when it comes to brains, but I’d rather work with steers than bulls! So, our number 30 is a smart little gal: she would come near the feed, but when we all got in our positions to get her through the chute… she fought her way out. Instead of injuries, we decided to quit until Daddy and Kyle got the handling system tweaked some more. That was actually the first time we’ve used it with multiple cows. The only other thing we’ve done with it was load our old bull into a trailer, and that was surprisingly easy.

One last thing, then I’ll be done: Claire and I are attending the New Venture Lab in March. The schedule looks incredibly full, but really good. As I checked the “packing list” in the brochure, I made sure we had everything we needed, and I noticed the business casual attire. For girls who regularly wear skirts, what is “business casual?” Anyway, I’ve got fabric and some time, but I don’t really know what would constitute business casual. If any of my readers know skirt patterns that they like and would work for business casual… could you provide a link? This might just give me another excuse to put off that fancy dress! 😛

Random picture:


I believe we were heading into Mississippi… or perhaps out of it…. on our way to San Antonio in 2006, I think.