I have absolutely nothing of interest to post about!!! So, I’ll bore you a bit and write only about random things… I wonder why I can’t think of these things when I’ve been tagged?

I’m sitting on our porch swing right now; I am completely in love with Tennessee weather!

I don’t have my reading glasses on now, so the letters are kind of fading in and out … for lack of a better description.

Clarabelle is bellowing at me; I think she’s more fond of our company since Chuck joined the Angus cattle. Could be she just wants milking though. 😛

I wish someone would come buy our house! We’re already seeing how Daddy’s new job will change our lifestyle significantly.

I caved Saturday… I bought an Ipod Touch. I just hope it’ll be worth it! To all my techy, Apple-addicted friends out there: get ready to help! 😀

Alright, I’m done boring y’all to pieces. Here’s a random picture to perhaps relieve some of the utter boredom in which I managed to quickly place y’all.


Truly, these pictures are almost always just a random for me as they are for y’all! I have no clue who took this picture or why they took it. I believe they are working on the Lovetts’ foundation though.