Well, yeah, sort of…

Thanks, Daddy. I was well on my way to conquering my Ipod desire…

Anyone who tells me that doesn’t look absolutely delicious, you’re lying! Of course, I haven’t had breakfast either.

We watched the first half of this movie last night. Beautiful! I LOVE it! 😀 “I could have danced all night! I could have danced all night! and still have begged for more.” Audrey Hepburn is so delightful. I very nearly tried out for the part of Eliza Doolittle once, but I didn’t want 6 hour rehearsals late at night.

I am seriously thinking about getting these for my “china.” It would certainly be cheaper and more… interesting, if a little less on the beauty end.

This set is pretty cool too.  Choices, choices, choices!

That’s just a few… I know there are other things I’d love, but I’m smelling breakfast, and I just can’t think. So, I’ll stop bothering y’all with everything that I want… goodness! What presumption! As if y’all actually wanted to know all this.

Random pic:

2007-02-27-002Our dea… departed rooster, Teddy. This was when he was only starting to loose his tail feathers. He eventually lost ’bout all of them; he was really henpecked… literally.