So, I figured it was about time to post again, but, once more, I really don’t have a lot to say. Here are the few random things that come immediately to mind (as if y’all were really interested):

  • We figured out who does the “Do Wah Diddy” song (no, really, it’s actually called that!): Manfred Mann! I’ve been trying to remember that for a year or two now, seriously, but I stupidly didn’t think about Goggling (Google-ing?) it. I rely heavily on my parents musical experience; unfortunately they could only come up with Bill Murray from Stripes.
  • We’re going to Cumberland Caverns this Saturday for Bluegrass Underground! That should be fun… though a little on the cool side for me. 😉
  • I advise all puzzle-workers out there NOT to buy a photomosaics puzzle. We started one I had gotten for my birthday on Thanksgiving, and it would not surprise me if it were still out come Christmas.
  • I SO cannot believe it’s December already!!!
  • I fully intended to go for my driver’s license test today or tomorrow, but I think I’d rather go on a day that has perfect weather. I’m pretty sure I’ll be stressed enough without having to take a complete stranger through town in the rain!
  • I’ve already made custard three times this season.
  • Yesterday Daddy dropped off the table he and Kyle have been working on.
  • Mama, Claire, Kyle, Luke, and I went to Nashville to put up my grandmother’s Christmas tree. We got milkshakes for while we were working then went to a nearby Mexican restaurant for dinner.
  • I need to go make the tea. 🙂

Now, that was a random post, do I really need a random picture to complete it? Oh, alright.


And this post’s random picture is of Daddy processing a beef back in ’06! We’re actually getting ready to do that again in the next week or two!