… sorta. We’ve been terribly busy, and when I’ve had time, I haven’t really wanted to post. Tonight, however, I am determined to post something about what we’ve actually been doing. I finally downloaded all the pictures from the camera this evening, and we had pictures on there from when we were still doing apple cider! That seems like ages ago, though in reality I don’t think it was too long ago. I’ve realized my blog has been rather deficient in interesting things lately, so this post will hopefully make up for it. Now… where to start? I think I’ll spare y’all the rather boring-ish life pictures of the cider making, and move on to the slightly more interesting (maybe) travel log. We just found out that the battery charger for our camera batteries isn’t working anymore, so we ran out of batteries before the day ended Saturday.

The St. Louis Arch was our destination Thursday afternoon. The off-season is an absolutely marvelous time to visit these places! We got to go on a tour (or whatever they call them there) immediately; there were no long lines; the little elevator thingys weren’t suffocatingly hot, etc. It was rather cold and dreary though… 🙂

In one of those elevator thingys. We all six got into one of them, so it was rather tight. Mama got pictures of all of us in there, but I don’t think any of them turned out as well as this one did… in my opinion, his might be different. 😉

Looking out those little windows at the top of the Arch. Gotta love the boots!

I think this was also at the Arch… not sure why we’re all slouching…

After visiting the Arch, at the recommendation of some friends, and with directions from several people working at the Arch we stopped at this neat little place! I have been corrected since my last post: Ted Drewes doesn’t sell ice-cream, they sell frozen custard. Apparently there are some technical differences; it tasted like some really good ice cream to me. The only gripe I have is that they didn’t sell key chains… 😉

We spent the night in a hotel in the St. Charles area, I believe, and Friday morning after breakfast we headed to the St. Louis Zoo. We got a lot of pictures of the animals there, so I’ll let the next few be of them. I don’t remember the names of half of them though.

The King of the Beasts… he wouldn’t look our way for anything!

The zebra and her young’un.


Strange, goat-like creatures with twisty horns/antler thingys. (Like my technical terms???)

Don’t remember what this one is called either…

I thought this creature was kinda cool-lookin’.

I believe this is a bongo. Yeah, we thought that was a type of drum…

This bird reminded me of a guy I once saw in Nashville…

Look! It’s Pumbaa!!!

Big cat baby. She was born in May, if I remember correctly.

There were five rambunctious tiger cubs. Everybody was enjoying watching them!

Oh! We did get a picture of the front of the lion, and one including the lioness!

Some sort of really bright-colored pheasant.

This was probably my favorite part of the zoo! We got to watch the sea lions being fed; they were so funny! The one pictured there would bark and bark until it got thrown a fish, which he usually caught. It would then proceed to jump off its perch, and swim a very quick turn around the pool before climbing back up to the perch and barking again.

This was a very small, Asian bear, I think. It’s claws were really long though!

Flamingos. Does anyone else think of the neighbor in the show “Wishbone” when they see flamingos?

Penguins. Luke was disappointed in his desire to see “them slide!”

I was about ready to do the same thing by the time we got to the grizzly bears.

These animals are huge! I really enjoyed this area too… there were benches. 🙂

Elephants pretty much wrapped up our visit to the St. Louis Zoo.

After a quick stop at the gift shop, restrooms, and Steak ‘n’ Shake, we were off to Illinois. We enjoyed a delicious dinner before going to the Nathan Clark George concert followed by a presentation from Elder McDonald about the reformers. We fell into our beds quite exhausted that night, but still looking forward to the next day’s activities. The next morning we enjoyed visiting with friends, watching boffer wars and Scottish games, and playing music. We only got a few pictures from Saturday, so I’ll end with a picture of the Scottish charging the English in the boffer war. We left around 3:00pm, I think, so we didn’t get to participate in the dances at the end of the day. However, this coming weekend is our church’s Reformation celebration, and we will be dancing Friday evening. It just keeps going! Aside from being slightly tired, I am thoroughly enjoying it!!! 😀

And that, dear reader, is the end! Thank you for your patience.