Jessica tagged me this time. So, I’ve got to come up with 6 things I’ve learned in the past month and then come up with 6 more people to tag! Well, here I go revealing my ignorance again!

  1. I have learned how to use a sound system (well, a really small one…).
  2. I learned that Energy Star doesn’t label dryers “since there is little difference in the energy use between models.”
  3. I learned how to play the harmony part for the “B” part of “Southwind”… sort of anyway. 🙂
  4. I learned (the hard way) to keep a very close eye on the oven when I have a chicken roasting in there (Luke “saw that the oven was on and turned it off for us!”).
  5. I just learned (really, just now) how to post a poll on my side bar!
  6. I learned how to make chicken gravy (actually, I’ve been trying to learn this for the past several months… it seems to have only just now made it’s way to my brain though.)

And I tag… anyone who wants to do this. (I am currently too lazy to put in all the appropriate links… not to mention I can only think of a couple of people who might actually do it if I tagged them and that haven’t already been tagged.)