Ain’t it purty?!!!! I LOVE it!!! Definitely worth the wait! Just look at the color variation! I absolutely love the look of real wood. Daddy posted a couple of different pictures on their blog. I think it’s just wonderful! Daddy put easy-sliding feet thing-ys (sorry, I don’t really want to think right now…) on it, and it moves as if it has wheels! That’s really good because this chest is HEAVY… or it will be when I’m done filling it up! 😀 It’s got a removable birch bottom. We were going to do cedar (for tradition’s sake), but the available cedar at Lowe’s was unnaturally expensive (I mean, c’mon! cedars are considered nuisances by many folks!), and a bit on the flimsy side. I really like the way the birch looks with it too, a nice contrast to the dark walnut. I can’t rave about this enough! Can you tell I’m excited??? 🙂