*sigh* We had to come home early. 😦 Kyle got to feeling poorly, so Daddy decided that it would be best to just come on back. Now we have to pass the long week until we see our church family, and the long month until we see the Fish family again. I have several consolations though: I got to hold Hamilton!!! He’s so adorable, but all babies are at that stage. We stopped at Burger King to get Daddy a cup of coffee, and he got shakes for those of us who wanted them! I think we’re currently planning on going to Coble early this week!!! Daddy fixed some delicious fried rice for lunch, and now I’m fixing chocolate almond (well, it was supposed to be almond, but we don’t have sliced almonds, so it’s chocolate macadamia) biscotti for dinner tonight. 😀 Also, we ladies went to Joann’s yesterday, and I was able to get all the notions I needed to finish the projects I’m working on now, and the ones that I will be working on soon.

It’s amazing how much of my consolation comes in the form of edibles, and yet I can’t gain weight!!! However, I’m not going to complain about that because I know there will probably come a time when I wish I could say that. 🙂 Anyway, I’ll have a post with some pictures and a few more details later this week.