Okay, so I heard complaints that I was posting too many YouTube things. This is for all of y’all who are interested in my life (for some strange reason!).

Besides a lot of canning and freezing and being in the kitchen a ton, we actually haven’t done that much. That is to say, we ladies haven’t. Daddy and Kyle have been busy using the brand new sawmill! Very cool.

Friday morning Mama took me out driving… on the interstate. Besides being a bit tense I think I did okay; I also got a little more experience in parking lots and town settings. I still don’t enjoy driving, but I really want to be able to take (and pass) my driver’s test before having to renew my learner’s permit.

Saturday morning I woke up early (Yes, I’m still asking myself why, but I was able to help). I helped Daddy and Kyle load 559, our afro bull, to be transported to his new owner. He was the ugliest bull I’d ever seen, but he seemed to be improving through the years. He also earned the nickname “sissy bull” besides being called “afro;” some of us remain unconvinced that he did his job (our neighbor’s bull often gets in…). However, since there is some slight possibility that he did, it was time to phase him out before in-breeding happened. Thankfully the loading process went very well! The working/handling station is recently finished and, for 559 at least, worked like a charm!

I am currently working on several sewing projects, which drives me crazy! I can’t stand having multiple unfinished projects (I used to be able to do that, but somehow I lost that through the years… obsessive-compulsive. *resigned sigh* Well, there are worse things.). Since we don’t have a good fabric/notion store anywhere near us I am obliged to get as much done on the projects I have so that I can get a long list of things on our next trip to the big city.

One last thing. That blue toile dress I had on here several posts ago is size 2T. Many thanks to Hannah for modeling, and to Mrs. Lovett and Kaliste for getting it on her. 🙂 Also, thanks to Tricia Ann for the use of her camera. BTW, Tricia Ann, if any of those came out okay, could you email them to me please?