Well, I have finally finished Bleak House! I found it to be an extremely tedious read in that it was so slow-moving. There were tons of characters, which was rather hard to keep track of. I’ve only had that trouble in one other book, as far as I remember, Anna Karenina. I enjoyed this book, however, once it started moving… towards the end of the 55 chapter or something like that. I found it interesting that Dickens could write so well from a woman’s perspective, or even do it at all. It seems a bold thing, to me, to write the mind of a creature you can hardly understand in reality. I would never be able to create the mind of a man (well, I couldn’t create the mind of a woman either, so…) for a story of any kind! Anyway, that’s beside the point. I was impressed (even if I was rather bored through the first two-thirds or more of the book).

To stray completely from the point of this post, a strange thing happened with some of my Google Talk contacts this morning. I was going through and editing some of the contacts when several just… disappeared. I think I must have done something, but I really don’t know what. So, if you were among those who got “knocked off,” know that I didn’t mean to! It was a complete accident!