Tuesday morning found us heading towards Altamont. Aunt Carol wanted to see Beersheba now that they’ve redone a lot of it. She, Mama, and Daddy all worked there in the ’80s; Mama and Daddy actually met there. We walked around there a while before having a picnic lunch followed by a hike on one of the trails in the Stone Door state park. I didn’t really want to pay $4.50 for a generic Methodist key chain and Stone Door didn’t have one, so these trips allowed me to retain my money. 😉

Claire, Kyle, and Luke at Vespers Point

Welcome to Vespers Point.

The valley from Vespers Point

This, I believe, is overlooking the valley from Vespers Point, however it may have been from the overlook in front of the hotel.

It’s not very good, I know, but it’s the only group shot we got (without Mama, of course). This is on an overlook right in front of the hotel.

The hotel. This has offices and rooms in it I think.

As we were walking around we spotted this enormous, brightly-colored moth.

Now on to lunch! that’s the best part anyway, right?

We found a little gas station where we bought sandwiches, chips, drinks, and paper towels. They put an entire package of meat per sandwich!!! Anyway, here are a few pictures from the picnic; we didn’t get a lot of good ones (aka, I’m in a lot…).

I give you this first picture because I thought Kyle’s face was hilarious! Also, that Sprite bottle Claire’s got is glass, and was ¢89.

“Look, Abigail! I found a stick!”

“Ohh! It makes a good hat!” [he was being very silly that day. I personally think he’s been on a permanent sugar rush.]

One last one again because Kyle’s face is priceless!

After lunch we went on a rather steep hike at Stone Door. We never made it to the actual stone door, but we did see a pitiable waterfall.

Luke playing in the stream that went over the rock to form a waterfall… I think. We unanimously decided that it was very dry there. 🙂

Kyle looking over the rock either at the waterfall or how far down it was. It really wasn’t a short distance to the bottom.

It doesn’t really show the distance, but here is the waterfall. *drum roll followed by a crash of cymbals*

Mama, Aunt Carol, Kyle, and I still had enough energy (Luke did too, but didn’t’ want to come) to do another easier hike. We made it .3mi to an overlook. The view, as with most overlooks, was amazing! If we had continued another .7mi we would have made it to the actual stone door. However, that part of the trail was rougher (not paved), and I needed to get home to cook dinner (steak, corn on the cob, toasted biscuits, and stir fried green beans, for those interested).

After visiting east Tennessee for the first time in quite a few years, these mountains really don’t compare, but I love them better. I have found no better place in all my travels (not too extensive, but I’ve been some places) that is in any way better than middle Tennessee!

Once we got back to the others we took a few minutes to rest before heading back home.

After lunch today ten of us headed out to Rock Island state park. Rock Island is called that because there used to be an island there, but it is now underwater as a result of a dam. We spent most of our time in the swimming area.

As we were trying to locate the swimming area we stopped at another overlook. Unfortunately this is as close as we got to that waterfall, but Grammy said that it comes straight out of the side of the hill.

This is the last picture I shall torture y’all with. Claire, Kyle, and Luke swimming, wading, etc.