This past weekend we went over to Centerville early for the Nathan Clark George concert that our church put together. We had a really great time getting together with the folks from CFF and the surrounding community. I believe it went over very well; it was funny to watch some of the Centerville folks drive by very slowly, roll down their windows, and watch us with the strangest expressions!

Once the concert was over we went to the Stouffer’s. They are very gracious in letting us bed down there almost every time we go up early. We can’t thank them enough. This past week we stayed up late and had even more fellowship as we were cleaning the kitchen, preparing things for the Lord’s Day meals, and ironing clothes. Simple tasks are a joy when you do them with such good friends!

After church the next day, we all went to the Lovett’s for fellowship. Anna and David Price were visiting from Illinois, and they showed us some dance steps! I had so much fun learning how to waltz (well, I think I know how to basically do it now. Whether I am able to or not is a completely different question.). I’ve had several people show me before, but I never got it until yesterday! The swing dance steps they showed us were very fun! Once Kyle (my partner, usually) learned how to lead, and I to follow 😛 , it really wasn’t all that difficult. Hopefully we will practice some here at home, so that we won’t forget too much.

Time for the piece of irrelevant information! *mentally insert drum roll here* We were watching Iron Chef America the other day, and one of the judges they had on there had one of the coolest jobs! He got to travel all over the world in search of the best of the best in food, and then all he had to do was blog about it! The only questions I have about it are: who pays him, what does he get paid, if he has a family does he get to take them along too, and does he get to stay in top notch hotels, spas, resorts, etc.?

Random picture moment. Because I can. 😉