The pastor’s family is gone on vacation to the beach, but they apparently left their heart up here in TN. I’ve gotten a couple of emails already begging for information on what’s been going on this past weekend, so I thought I’d answer them in a blog post.

The McDonald’s came down from Illinois to fellowship with members of Heritage Friday evening; unfortunately, we didn’t make it there until Saturday morning. Saturday was full of work and fellowship. Work included: clothesline assembly (not clothes assembly line), cherry picking, cherry freezing, and lasagna dinner preparation. Here are some pictures from Saturday evening after dinner:

Grace was having some trouble with the mask.

Me, Abigail, and Grace McDonald

Tiffany, Jessica, and Melissa McDonald

Tiffany, Jessica, and Melissa McDonald

We tried to play a game of Apples to Apples…

Trying to play Apples to Apples

… and then we tried again.

And then we tried again...

This one is just one of those all-too-rare pictures that has to be posted. My parents (and they’re both smiling!!!).

Mama and Daddy

We provided sack lunches for the McDonald’s to take with them on their way to Arkansas.

Sack lunches

Lord’s Day, June 1, 2008

Daniel, Kyle, Caroline, Luke, and Allen amused themselves by exchanging checker pieces.

Exchanging checker pieces

Kyle, Mr. Lingo, Daddy, and Allen watching a sawmill video.

Watching a sawmill video

Luke watching Daniel get Cranium set up.

Daniel setting up Cranium

A not uncommon occurrence…

TJ and his iPhone

Mama says “Never give TJ checkers!”

TJ thinks “I wonder who will hit me first… It won’t do any good; my iPhone has sound effects too!”

TJ with checkers

Finally playing Cranium. This is the adult team’s “dog walker.”

Playing Cranium

The kid team’s “dog walker.” We got it before the adults!
Playing Cranium

Before it got too dark most of us went outside and danced! It was a dance that we had never done before, and we unfortunately have only one picture from it.


Don’t ask me, I don’t know.

Jacob\'s new hat


Daniel\'s new hat

We finally got Mrs. Stouffer to play the banjo! She taught Kyle something which he then tried out…

Mrs. Stouffer on the banjo

… when he and Claire played “Tennessee Stud.”

Claire and Kyle playing \

I think I’ve exhausted our picture inventory of the weekend, but here are a few of the memorable quotes. Y’all will have to do the guessing as to who said them; I’m not telling!

Diversified carrots

Tickman County

The adults know lots of trivia!

Tall, plain and ugly, and has the same name as me (the person I am quoting, not me.)

Cat cam

There’s and “a” in 8!

There’s an “a” in 100.

Kyle’s a chick magnet.

I’m sure there were more, but that’s all I can think of right now. Hope that satisfies the vacationers. 🙂