Book of Secrets

After waiting for a long time to see this movie we finally got to watch it last night. While I definitely like the first one better I also enjoyed this one. I have several problems with it though: Ben and Abigail aren’t married and yet they had been living together. Ben’s mother, Emily, and father can’t get along until the end of the movie, but even then it seems like she calls the shots. Why are there never movies about the girl giving in to the guy? Anyway, we get to meet this dorky guy who Abigail had apparently taken up when she kicked Ben out; don’t care for that at all. You’ve just got to love Riley, although I didn’t think he was quite as good in this one. Still, he’s awesome.

National Treasure 2

One quote that particularly stuck out to me was Ben speaking with the president and saying that he believed the president to be and honorable man. Can’t imagine why I would notice that so much at this time…

Overall, I really liked this movie, but it is like most sequels: not as good as the first. Now, I wonder what’s on page 47… 😉