Prince Caspian Picture

So, last night we drove all the way into Tullahoma (about 45 minutes away) to see Prince Caspian in the theater. My initial reaction to the movie was to be disappointed that it wasn’t more like the book, but I still enjoyed it as entertainment. We all tore it to pieces on the way home; Kyle was especially disappointed with it. Prince Caspian is his favorite Narnia book, and he’s got amazingly detailed recall. We all agreed that Peter was not nearly as noble as the book portrays him, and then Susan! I won’t even go there. Disney changed them too much I think. Kyle was also rather frustrated at the catapults which apparently had continuous fire. That had momentarily crossed my mind, so I’m sure Kyle dwelt on it plenty during the battle scenes. Daddy thought that it had too many similar effects with LOTR and other wildly successful movies. Someone, Claire maybe (?), made the reference that Reepicheep was too much like Puss in Boots from Shrek 2. Where did the Minotaurs come from? They were briefly mentioned in the book, if I remember correctly, but they were not recruited for either side because of their unpredictable temper, I believe. Well, Trumpkin did a pretty good job anyway. Edmund wasn’t bad either.

Over all, it was extremely disappointing after The Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe, but I still enjoyed it. Although I might have enjoyed it more if it hadn’t even been associated with Narnia, but how could they sell it then? I enjoyed spending the evening out with my family as an end to our vacation; it was a fun way to top it off. 🙂