Well, nothing new here. I don’t have anything to post about, and yet I still attempt to do it. Can someone please tell me why?

I haven’t gotten very far on my dress. That’s bothering me, but I am still optimistic about the whole project. Again, why?

After spending a day in the city (Nashville) I once again repeat: “I despise cities!” However, Panera has good French onion soup. 😉 Daddy and I had to walk around the mall at Green Hills (I think. I get totally disoriented in the city. Well, more than I normally am at least.) for a little while, and all the visual attacks were disgusting. I was thoroughly offended. Why do advertisers turn a woman into some kind of repulsive creature??? How can that be at all beneficial (or even applicable) to their business?

Claire, Kyle, and I are really starting to practice hard for our “performance” for the Centertown laity club. It’s Monday, and we haven’t figured out exactly what all we’re going to do. That’s how they work though; for the record, that’s not how I work. I love to have every aspect of things figured out in plenty of time to practice it until you’re terribly sick of it, but at least you know you’re prepared and there won’t be any surprises. However, I was outnumbered this time.

We’re going to presbytery next month!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it. Daddy has said over and over that we couldn’t go, but he called Monday afternoon saying that we were going. Totally nice!

I had several more kitchen… experiences since the short list I posted a couple of weeks ago. I seem to be in a bit of a disaster rut at the moment, but I will not let that drag me down. In fact, tonight I have made some carrots in this really syrup-y sauce (an attempt at caramelized carrots without a recipe… okay, so that may not have been such a good idea. We’ll see.).

Our freezers are looking rather empty! I don’t remember that ever happening before. Even chickens, while we still have a lot, are to the point where you can actually count them. 😉 Not to worry though, Chuck will have to go soon; he’s nearly as tall as Clarabelle. Also, the garden will be coming in before we know it, and we’ll have more produce than we know what to do with (hopefully).

As long as I’m on the appliance subject I might as well mention that our inside refrigerator isn’t working properly (again). The repair men (I haven’t ever known a repair guy to come inside smelling like cologne like these men did. It was actually rather startling.) came yesterday, and (once again) they think they’ve found the problem. I will hand it to them: they made this analysis sound more convincing than the last one they did.

This always happens: I have nothing to post about, so I post about anything and everything, and the post ends up being way long. Sorry, y’all. I’ll stop now.