Mama posted about his letter, so I don’t need to repeat any of the details. I just had to link to it though! Granddaddy comes out with some pretty surprising things sometimes!

The real question now is: “Why are they requiring even the retirees who want to serve another year (good grief! The Methodist churches I’ve been to have been desperate for any kind of help/work/assistance/committee member they can get!), and who have served many years before this, to take this class???”

Perhaps I can see it for fresh seminary students, but even then I don’t think this sort of thing should even be thought about for pastors! If the “pastor-finding committee” (or whoever) thinks that a prospective pastor might have a problem with this kind of thing, does that not immediately disqualify that prospective pastor as unfit for the role of leading a congregation? I certainly wouldn’t want someone like that leading me, my family, or my friends! But now I’m just ranting, so I’ll stop.