You know, it’s rather difficult to live by the standards I have for my younger siblings. I’ve thought this before, but it just hit me hard as I was tempted to snitch candy from a bag of Claire’s (I’ve gotten onto Kyle for doing that sort of thing before). So, I’ve decided not to tell them to do (or not to do) anything, and that way, when I feel like doing (or not doing) something, I won’t feel like such a hypocrite. Right??? Wrong. Fine. I’ll try to live by the same standards I have for them, and I’ll try not to nag and boss them. In other words, I’ll try to remember how hard a time I have upholding the standard, and not expect so much for them.

BTW, I’m going to try to get some pictures of our old house up soon. The back porch/deck, the playground, the living room, our room, and Kyle’s room mainly. That’s nearly the entire house, but those are the places that had the most improvements done to them. Daddy SO TOTALLY improved that place!!! Now, if I can only find them, and then figure out how to use the scanner on this printer thingy, and then figure out how to upload them onto this here blog, and then……. 🙂