I think I’m going to have to read some sort of book on literary analysis next. You just wouldn’t believe how that prospect enthralls me………. or not! Still, I’m absolutely sick of reading books and not being able to ascertain whether or not they were actually good! I don’t think even a book like that would help me very much to reveal how to figure out the world view or slant of any particular book. How could it? It has to have a slant too! I have finished reading The Wars of the Roses, but all I came away from it with was the desire for more! It seemed to ask for a sequel, but I don’t know if the history in it was very good or not. I certainly don’t know if the world view was good! That sort of bothers me, but…….

I’m in the middle of Nicholas Nickleby, but I’m finding it quite a bit more tedious than the other Dickens books I have read. Somehow, my opinion of Dickens books improves one I am done with them, so I defer final judgment of it until I am through, and, even then, just to say whether I liked it or not.