Mama took me to get my driver’s license permit this morning. We were only there an hour, and everything seemed to go smoothly. I’ve kind of got a Hitchcockian “that was way too easy, what’s going to happen next” feeling. I filled out a form, answered every question on the test correctly, passed the eye test, and had my picture taken. Really the only problems we encountered were: the computer wouldn’t accept a Morrison address with Grundy County (Easy enough to fix. The mailbox is in Warren County anyway), and one of the ladies there couldn’t read the school name on the diploma because of the fancy font. They also wouldn’t let me keep my head covering on, but that was no big deal.

We also cleared up the stuff about the graduated driver’s license: because I’m getting my permit when I’m 17, I’ll just hold that until I’m 18, and then go directly to the regular, unrestricted driver’s license. If I’d gotten my permit when I was 15 (holding it a minimum of 180 days), I would have had to apply for an Intermediate Restricted driver’s license when I was 16, then, when I turned 17, I would be allowed to go to an Intermediate Unrestricted driver’s license, and by the time I turned 18 the state would have decided I was ready for a full-blown driver’s license. Thankfully, I get to skip all that in the middle now.

This is all that was necessary to obtain the permit:

  • My diploma
  • Mama’s driver’s license (as long as it had the correct address on it, which it did)
  • A certified birth certificate (I guess to prove that I was actually born???), and
  • My social security number

Now I’m going to have to find some way to get 50 hours of driving time, including 10 hours of night driving before 10:00 pm, this year!