Usually I’m against things like that (on no other basis except that I can never seem to keep them), but this year I decided to test myself again. I have a couple of goals for the year 2008:

  • I am (hopefully) going to finish a quilt that’s been in the works for about three years. To try to make it more certain that I accomplish this I am not going to sew anything else until that’s done. 😦
  • Also, I hope to become better read this year. I intent to expand my knowledge of certain authors in fiction (C.S. Lewis, Charles Dickens, etc.) , read up on some of the more “modern” history, and perhaps add a little theology. I’m going to try anyway. I’m working on Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens right now. I’ve never been too much of a Dickens fan, but this one seems to be alright as did A Tale of Two Cities. They’re still nothing I’d put top of my list though.

There. Hopefully I will be able to accomplish these things this year, especially now that I’ve declared them to the entire world. Then of course there’s all those things that are normally on people’s lists of resolutions:

  • Eat better
  • Be nicer to everyone
  • Go through all the junk everywhere

… to name a few. Unfortunately, I have no desire to eat better than I do. I hope I am nice to everyone, but I know I’m not. I’ve been labeled, and labeled myself, “mean” too often to not know it! I am continually striving to overcome that, whatever it may look like. A desire to get rid of junk? Of course! I’m all for it! Having to go through it all before it goes to the appropriate place (trash, Goodwill, Ebay, etc.)? “Ummmmmmm……… weeeelllll……….. you see…….. I… uhhh…. ummmm……… I…. uh…. think…. I’m busy. Yeah, that’s it! I’m busy!” Not much desire to do that either. It’s got to be done sometime though, and better now than when crunch time comes!