Why does cool weather bring something unpleasant (other than the bundling up and feeling like your in the 1800’s because you’ve got so many layers on)? Will we ever have another fall/winter where we don’t get sick?

We’re all a bit down with something. It seems to be different for each person, but we’re assuming it’s all just a cold. Mama’s drippy and tired; I’m barely able to talk (that’s a slight exaggeration, but my throat is what’s bothering me) and tired; Claire’s stuffy, headache-y, and tired; I’m not sure about Kyle; Luke’s stuffy and not as tired as the rest of us (that seems unfortunate, but I suppose it’s really a good thing); and I don’t know about Daddy either. We’re all hoping it will end quickly. Claire and I need to start practicing for the Hanging of the Greens service that we’re supposed to sing at (in Centertown), and this, just like something did last year, is going to put us behind. Okay, enough complaining. We’re doing our best to think positive, and we’re enjoying, probably too much, just sitting around.