In the past couple of weeks the corn in our big garden has been almost ready to pick. Of course, the raccoons or something began to find it around that time. However, we had corn on the cob for lunch and dinner today!!! I am convinced there is no better vegetable!

Something has been getting into the layers the past week or so. It’s coming into the chicken house and killing the birds. We still have a few layers left, and we’re hoping to build a hoop tractor with built-in nest boxes soon. Kyle set up the live trap in the hopes of luring our current predator with tuna (really, I don’t think anything could be lured in with that!). He caught the cat.

Last night was the second night in a row that something has managed to get into our broiler hoop tractor. This predator gets in there, kills one bird by pulling the head off. It must be some sort of game for it because the head is on one side of the tractor and the body is on the other (from what I’ve heard). So far nothing has gotten into our turkey tractor. It’s close to the house though. I think, if I had my way, we should have all poultry in tractors rotating through the yard.

Maybe we should just stick to larger animals. All cattle, pigs, dogs, and cat are still alive and well (although the cat may be a little traumatized).