We are in a state of anticipation here at Allelon Farm. We are eagerly looking forward to our first bit of fresh, home-grown corn, the first mess of green beans, and the first ripe tomato. We are keeping a close eye on all our cows. By our none-to-detailed calendar they could have calved two months ago, or it might still be two months away. They are looking so huge though; I expect the calves any day now. My brother is looking forward to lunch. Claire is anticipating the day when her current sewing project will be done. I think she hopes to have it done by the Lord’s Day; she is making a short cape, anticipating the air-conditioning that will be “chasing away the humidity”. I am looking forward to the time when I will be able to play a song in B flat well. All winter we have been like a spring that has been slowly pulled tighter and tighter. We are ready to let go and get started until this winter when the gearing up will begin anew. Perhaps, once we get going, we will be overwhelmed, but we won’t know until everything starts.