Our dear friends, the Fish family, came up for the weekend!!! The men accomplished SO MUCH! It was a great time of fellowship and productivity. Unfortunately, we were having such a good time that we didn’t get too many pictures.
The finished Turkey Tractor. We used the hay ring for the main structure. We never really used it how it is really intended to be used.
Mr. Fish did some mowing for us!!!
The men and boys built, or rather assembled, the smoke house in about twenty minutes (that’s the number I heard at least). The harder part came later when they built the brick fire box.
Our tired piggies! They are really getting big, and they’re starting to smell a little. The men and boys (all along with support from the ladies of course) put in the t-posts, so we can enlarge the pigs’ area.

Mama was having a brainless day Saturday! She couldn’t think of anything for us ladies to do! We girls helped Grammy make a few jars of strawberry freezer jam, but other than that we just supported the men. This morning, after the morning chores, the men and boys did a bit of shooting, and we ladies did a bit of sewing. We ladies wished we had thought of that Saturday! The Fishes left after lunch. We are already looking forward to their next visit, and hoping it will be soon.I will try to get our photographer to get me some more pictures of the smoke house and other stuff. I better stop; Daddy’s been telling me to be done for the past five minutes!