Finally! We have some pictures of what all is going on around here.

We acquired four “gobblets,” as we like to call them. I don’t know what kinds they are, or if they’re hens or jakes. All I know is that they’re turkeys, sorry.
Here are our three geese and some barred rock layer chicks. Don’t know anything about the geese either.
A big silly goose examining the real goose. By the way, the geese are actually a week younger than the turkeys!
The pigs are getting quite large now, and they love getting into their water trough. We have to keep several in their pen so they will still have some left to drink!
The new mower. Daddy can answer any questions about this, but, again, I don’t know too much about it.

We have a batch (25, 30, I don’t know the exact number) of freaky birds (cornish cross) in the basement. They are so nasty. We’re getting 50 more broilers in a week or two from Freedom Rangers; I think we got the Grey Rangers, but I’m not sure. We are quickly approaching our busy season with canning, calving, milking (when Clarabelle decides to calve), mowing, etc. I love this stuff! It’s all so exciting!!!