In my last post I said that there is a debate on what to call our pastures. By pastures I mean the two large sections not the four sections in each. Now, we are right now being very creative and calling them “Front Field (or pasture- whichever one slips out)” and “Back Field.” These even have some controversy. For example, if Mama and Daddy use the term “Front Field” they mean different pastures. My question: What would you call the field closest to the road, and what would you call the field closest to the house? That is how I have to talk about the pastures now, because we can’t say “the one with the pond” any more. So, we can keep speaking in “the-field-closest-to-the-house” phrases, or y’all can come up with something better (PLEASE!).

I don’t think I worded this post very well, but I don’t really have a lot of time to go back over and fix it all.