With several new bags of feed, tons of fabric, and four good-sized pigs. It is dark now so I can’t get any pictures, but I will try hard to get some tomorrow. The pigs are going in the “ICU” for now, but they will probably move out to the barn soon.

Mama, Claire, and I had quite a time in Fayetteville today. After a couple of hours of shopping we had an overflowing cart (the fabric is not all for us though…), and we decided to go across the square to O’Houllihans (I doubt that’s spelled right, oh well) for lunch. We split a couple of sandwiches and had a white chocolate chip macadamia Cristy Cookie! After that we went back to Sir’s for a while. Daddy came and picked us and our bags up after about another hour.

We stopped at the Wiggin’s to drop off their two pigs, and we ate dinner with them. Unfortunately, we couldn’t fellowship with them for very long (seeing as how we had four other pigs in a trailer).