Not a whole lot going on around here, although we are preparing for some BIG changes! Well, they seem big to me anyway. We are getting a two-year-old bred Jersey, four pigs from Top of the World Farm, we’re looking at more chickens (eggs and meat), and possibly some geese. There’s the changes for around the farm.

I just finished the Sense and Sensibility 1910’s Tea Gown. At least, I finished the instruction booklet, but I may have to add an insert thing at the neck. My “experience” was thoroughly put to use on this dress, but other than the fitting the pattern (had I been able to follow it word for word) wasn’t all that difficult. The back of the dress went WAY too low for my taste so I had to put an insert in there, but I think that was the only “major” alteration I made.

Claire and I continue to take lessons from Mr. Brantley, and we are enjoying them immensely even though I (Claire doesn’t really) have to work hard to be ready each week. He has started teaching us together, we do the same songs sometimes we do harmonies too. This past week we worked on “Mississippi Sawyer” and harmony and melody on “Harvest Home Hornpipe”. This week we are to work on “O’Keefe’s Slide” and “Drowsy Maggie”. Both are Irish fiddle tunes, and both are very different from bluegrass (which makes them a little more difficult for me). “Drowsy Maggie” is especially difficult.