This morning, Kyle reported a murder that happened in the chicken yard sometime in the night. Our rooster gave his life, our mother hen gave her life, and, as far as we can tell, our little chick gave its life, too. Others may have suffered as well, but the chicken yard is well sheltered in some areas and it is difficult to see in places. With this information, we are forced to come to the conclusion that our new chicken door is malfunctioning. I have also come to the following conclusion: It is difficult to keep empty-headed birds alive!

Well, a bit of boring news now. We happened to be cleaning our inside refrigerator and freezer when, low-and-behold, we found something that looked suspiciously like root beer! Wonder how that got there?! I thought you might be interested in that news, Kaliste! 😉

We are, I think, going to pick some apples Friday. I have a suspicion that the following week will be full of apple stuff, a.k.a. canned apples, dried apples, apple cider, apple juice, apple sauce, apple butter, and we can’t forget APPLE SKINS AND CORES! The kitchen shall be a sticky mess, I fear!